Project Detail



The first platform that provides original and translated lyrics, in subtitle format.

Works on a Saas Cloud B2B model through API or SDK integration, or via its Android App.

Thanks to the technology has a fast growing catalog with more than 420k songs, licenses with major publishers and exclusive rights over translations.


  •   Android
  •   Django


Work done

Whole Start-up was developed from idea to execution

  •   Concept creation
  •   Brand development
  •   Design
  •   Technological development
  •   Web development
  •   Android mobile development (17,000 downloads)
  •   Backend for internal use and for clients
  •   Database with more than 10 million records
  •   Tools for database cleaning, management and monitoring
  •   API rest
  •   Implementations on third-party platforms
  •   Online maketing

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