App musica STB

Interactive TV app for Music

Set-top-box application that allows the user to choose radio stations or music styles on the TV with their remote control. There’s also a web app for the same product. The server gets the signals from the operator and with audio codecs it broadcast to all clients.

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Abra Medios

Abra TV

VOD platform that allows access to video content in a similar way to NETFLIX.
· 100% customizable content.
· Automatic video processing to support HLS transmission.
· Responsive design (Mobile First).
· Support for Chromecast, AppleTV, Roku, etc.
· Scalable architecture.
· Configurable to transmit on a local network without Internet network.

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Interactive TV app

Solution to navigate and visualize on the TV screen online statistics of soccer matches. Integrated to set-top-boxes, data feeds, events and synchronized with the signal from the cable operator

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